Skiing in Kanin

Instagram and other social networks are full of pictures of tropical destinations, ocean and sun. Somehow we are forgetting about mountains, snow, skies or snowboards. Due to lack of snow (at least in Slovenia) the feeling of winter is not there at all. Don’ let your skiing equipment down and take it out for a spin. I took mine to Bovec, more precisely to ski-slopes Kanin-Sella Nevea. Even here, the lack of winter could be spotted, since many of slopes were closed. 

Magical Treetop Walk 

Slovenia is a country full of forests and beautiful nature. For Slovene people there isn’t a weekend without at least a walk in the forest. When I heard the project, that is already happened in many countries, is going to take place in Rogla, I was genuinely thrilled. Unfortunately, like many of us, I ran out of time on weekends and moved my plans to the next one. I finally took time and spoilt my soul by walking between high coniferous trees in Rogla. 

Frozen Lovrenc Lakes

A trip to Lovrenc Lakes (Lovrenška jezera) is a perfect choice for an active day in the nature. Due to its inaccessibility by car, is the path and the nature truly something special. On your way you will see beautiful nature, have complete silence and breathe fresh air. Between the lakes there is a wooden path that has many resting places, where you can relax and capture all the beauty they can offer. 

Vietnam or Scooternam

My dear readers, this is insane, but maybe it’s only me because I live in small, quiet Slovenia. The explanation of this insanity stands in daily use of 60 million scooters and 30 million cars. There is not a second that you don’t see a scooter on the street. However, if this traffic insanity won’t shock you, prepare for a culinary shock (in positive and negative sense) and financial shock (in positive sense). Prepare for a spectrum of flavors, from delicious spring rolls and amazing street food offer to sweet cucumber salad and weird animals on your plate. 4 dollars will get you 2 main courses, a coke and a beer. Well, if that is not a good deal, then I don’t know what it is. 

Scotland and its Magical Nature

Child of sea, sun and relaxation, you may have not come to the right place. However, despite the rain, cold and wind, this destination offers something a warm one can’t. This is nature straight out of fairy tales, magical mountains, fairy pools and turbulent waterfalls. You are visiting a destination, which is an inspiration for many movies and fairy tales, has a crazy history of witchcraft and a lot of green landscape. This is a birthplace to worldwide known Harry Potter books.

Well, child of sea and sun… Have you changed your mind yet? Come on, come with me and visit this magical world.

My Beautiful Tuscany

Tuscany, described with one word, is a true oasis. If you are done with problems, your job and stress, pack your bags and visit the most beautiful part of Tuscany. It is going to hold you, spoil you and won’t let go until you are full of energy and completely relaxed. Tuscany offers the most beautiful views, tasty local cuisine, kind people and in a second you will be thinking of moving here. The singing of Italian language and casual way of life will enchant and completely overwhelm you.

Ohrid, a Place of Thousand Churches

Ohrid is a wonderful place located right by the lake that carries the same name. It is an ideal place  for historical enthusiasts and light travellers. With its look and sights it offers a real ancient experience. For those who love visiting and sightsee churches this is a place for you because here you can find one behind every corner. You can glimpse through sights Ohrid has to offer in a day. However, I would recommend at least two or three, so you can peacefully discover hidden corners of the town, enjoy a drink or two by the lake and fill your stomach with Macedonian goods in the evening.