Unique Color of River Soča

Are you sick and tired of work? Do you want to close your eyes, smell forest, hear the river, lie down and feel the sunbeam on your cheeks? Do you want to completely »log off« from everyday worries and forget about the time? The answer is Bovec and river Soča.

The blue-green color of river Soča is an eyeful. My wish of camping, cycling and walking by Soča came true. As noobies in camping we were looking for a perfect camp. We wanted peace and quiet, so we could fall asleep to sound of Soča instead of drunk people singing and yelling. We chose camp called Korita, in town also called Soča, found a beautiful spot for our tent just 10 meters from the river and I have to say that around 9 pm everything started to calm down.

The weather was unfortunately not on our side so we only had one sunny day. We decided for mountain cycling because we didn’t want to cycle on the road (you can do that everywhere). Lucky for us, we found an amazing forest path, where river Soča was always by our side. Through the forest and macadam, we cycled from Soča to Lepena, then to Kal Koritnica, where we wanted to take a swim (let me warn you, river Soča has 12 degrees Celsius) and came in Bovec, where we filled our tummies knowing that we have to cycle back home.

I wanted the use the last two hours of sun so we went hiking through Soča Trail, which is 25 km long and it is known to be the most beautiful part of hiking trail called Alpe Adria Trail. We only had time for few kilometers and they already took my breath away.

Next day a slow but very beautiful ride though Triglav national park was waiting for us. We stopped at every possible lay-bys and viewpoints, such as Russian Chapel, natural monument Trenta-Mlinarica at pass Vršič, where sheeps where laying and eating in the middle of the road and actually made a real traffic jam (the best thing is to just stop there, watch them and laugh).

The road led us to a town Kranjska Gora, where we took a walk around lake Jasna, drank coffee and made typical picture with ibex statue. Our trip ended in Lectar, a restaurant in city called Radovljica, where we ate mushroom soup served in a bowl made out of bread and typical Slovenian desserts – Yummy!

P.S. we are hoping that next year, the weather will be a bit kinder to us because our plan was to go canoeing, rafting, see the source of river Soča and many other things. Follow me on Instagram and see if this will come true.

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