Postcard from Mallorca

They say Mallorca is a classic Mediterranean postcard. With bright blue sea, vintage villages and high, majestic mountains it is a beautiful island and a place one must see at least once in a lifetime. It is perfect. Why you ask me? Beside delicious food, good music and amazing beaches, it has more than 300 sunny days.

We stayed here for 7 days and it was not nearly enough to see everything. We saw and ate in many villages, relaxed at the beach, also hiked a bit. However, we skipped renting a boat, snorkeling and dancing in the clubs –  so I guess, we would need three more days. We stayed in Llucmajor, so S’Arenal was really close, which offers long walks, clubbing, great restaurants, sport activities, shops and a sandy beach.

Tip: Look for a restaurant that has more locals than tourists to get the best food on island.

Here are some of the things you can do and see in this amazing island.

Cala Pi  is a small sandy beach and easy to access. I recommend to come here in the morning because it gets really crowded in the afternoon. The water is perfect and the view from it is amazing. If you want to see it from above, turn left before going down the stairs. It might look like a private path, no worries, it’s not. The view from there is simply stunning and I believe it has become the Instagram photo spot of Mallorca.

Cala Llombards is for me the most beautiful beach in Mallorca. The blue color and crystal clear water takes your breath away. You can jump in it from different heights, swim, dive and simply enjoy the perfect day at the beach. However, don’t freak out when you see a crowd because it is filled with people all the time. You should follow the rocky path on the right side of the beach, where true magic begins. It isn’t as crowded there and you can see many people climbing and jumping in the water – they give you ideas from where to jump.

Banyalbufar; This is something different. First of all, if you don’t have a car, the hike to and from it can be a bit difficult. Not that you would need special equipment difficult, but you have to walk a lot of uphill and with the sun shinning it can get unbearable. With a little bit of luck, you can join someone who has a car for a lift up in city, just like an elderly lady had with us. Overall, the beach reminds me of an old temple in the jungle. It has very high concrete columns and walls that are mossy and there is even a small waterfall. The beach is small, but is perfect for snorkeling and exploring the underwater life.

Cala des Moro; It is Zakinthos’s shipwreck bay number two. It’s really beautiful, but again you have to come here in the morning. I left after 2 hours because I couldn’t handle the crowd, but that’s just me. It is one of more challenging beaches to access. I wouldn’t recommend flip flops (I had them and nearly twisted my ankle more than once). There is also a free parking space and don’t forget a bottle of water and something to eat if you are planning to stay longer because there isn’t a bar or anything like that there.

Cala Varques is one more wonderful beach in Mallorca. However, it is a well hidden gem and that’s why it’s not filled with tourists. The hike to it will take you about an hour (wear sneakers) and you can buy something to drink there, but it’s super expensive. It was really windy when I was there and I had so much fun jumping in the waves and swimming in a turbulent sea.

  • We stopped for a quick swim also in Cala Santanyi, Cala Montago and Cala Formentor. Every beach in Mallorca is really beautiful so it doesn’t really matter which you visit because every single one of them is worth visiting.


Villages and little towns are the beating heart of Mallorca. They have a vintage look that makes you want to move there. The locals are relaxed and the atmosphere is really calming. 

Lluc; you have to visit The Santuari de Lluc, which is a monastery and a pilgrimage. It is surrounded with mountains and it even has its own botanical garden.

Pollenca is the most beautiful town in Mallorca in my opinion. It has tight streets, little shops with Spanish fashion and many cafes in main square. The town also has around 100 stairs that lead to the church.

Valdemossa is a village with ancient blonde stone houses and green shutters. It’s quiet with only 2000 people and it’s filled with lovely streets, cafes and monastery where Chopin spent one winter. What I liked the most in this town is, that there are so many colorful flowers on the window shelves. Sometimes you can’t even see the facade of a house, just the flowers.

Fortnalux is a small town, but definitely one of the most iconic ones. With its cobbled streets and traditional houses, it creates the most genuine Spanish atmosphere.

We also made a quick stop in some of the other towns. The most beautiful quick snack stop was definitely Soller with its own vintage train, then Estellencs and Arta. I don’t know if it’s just me, but every town we visited was charming and something new.


Palma is really charming and big, but I am more of small town fan. Therefore, we decided to only spent one day in this full of life city. Attention: if you have a car, don’t park in the underground garages because they are really expensive (the price gets to 5 euros per hour). Find a free parking space near the beach and rent a bicycle to see the town.

Here are some of the sights you might enjoy in Palma:

  • Mercat de I’Olivar (you have to be early because it closes around 2 PM)
  • Cathedral de Mallorca (with one word – amazing)
  • Can Joan de S’Aigo (the oldest café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a traditional Ensaimada dessert.
  • Old city (wonderful streets)
  • The Consell de Mallorca and city hall (two very beautiful buildings)

Cap de Formentor is a light house and the most northern point in Mallorca. The scenic road that leads you to this amazing lighthouse will enchant you. Unusual rock formations, pine trees and goats here and there will fulfill your expectations. I suggest that you go there in the afternoon. Watching the sunset and enjoying a drink there is just magical.

P.S. Mallorca and Menorca have their own special typical shoes. Don’t forget to buy them. There are not only pretty, but also super comfy.

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