Ahoj Prague!

Prague is one of the cities people completely forget about. Though we always praise London, Paris and Amsterdam, Prague can easily compare with, if not even outstand them.  It is enormous, but with one of the best public transportation you can quickly see all the little things it hides.

Overall, the city seems very safe, people very nice (with exception of grumpy folks that we can find everywhere) and it never sleeps. During the day it is filled with tourists and in the evening the sound of jazz music, beer and parties fill the streets. Even though it was very cold, we were lucky that the sun was our companion for the whole 3 days.

Here are a few things worth visiting:

Powder Tower or Prašná Brána; is the last preserved city gate of baroque fort. It is important for orientation because it separates the old and the new part of the city. As usual the old part, surrounded with interesting streets, vintage buildings and genuine Czech atmosphere, is always more beautiful. The streets are full of typical Czech toys stores, restaurants and breweries. However, if your plan is to go shopping, then the new part is perfect for you because it has every shop you desire.

Charles bridge ; the icon of Prague, which is always filled with tourists, musicians, street entertainers, painters and many more. Crossing it is simply a must, but I have to say that the view from it is not nearly as beautiful as the view at it from a café while drinking tea, beer, coffee – anything you like. The picture is also going to be way more beautiful with Charles bridge in the background, because everyone is having their picture taken on the bridge. So it is really crowded and the percentages that the photo is going to look good is around 2%.

The Prague Astronomical Clock; is the one of the oldest astronomical clocks still operating in the world. I think it’s enough to only get a glimpse of it and not wait for the full hour to see the show. I believe it is not worth it. What basically happens is that the skeleton rings the bell and the other figures come out, shake their heads as a sign of their unpreparedness to leave. Oh, and also the twelve apostles are shown. That’s it.

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral ; is definitely worth visiting because from this point you can see the entire Prague. There’s a free entrance, only your purse or bag is checked. You can plan your entire day here, especially if you buy an extra ticket for cathedral, the Golden Lane etc. I bought it (it costs 250 Czech crones per person) because I wanted to see the Golden Lane and I don’t regret it. It is so cute, with its little colorful houses and small rooms with low ceilings. It is shown how people use to live and it kind of reminds me of a hobbit village.

The Dancing House ; is a building which illustrates the dancing couple. This architectural experiment really stands out among the typical Czech buildings. You can spend the night, get a drink or eat something real fancy here. We went for an overpriced coffee and tea, but the view from it is worth those couple of extra crones. The best time to go here is in the golden hour (one hour before the dark). The colors of the sunset adorned the highest floor and helped us to have the best view that day. It is a perfect relaxing spot after a day full of city exploration.

The National museum ; we didn’t actually go inside, but just went for a walk to see the famous Wenceslas square. However, I remembered that the tours in it are available only every full hour, except one hour before closing. Prague has many museums. From Lego and apple museum to a museum of history of erotic accessories. So there is something for every taste.

Petrin Hill and the Lookout Tower ; is something for us nature lovers out there. It is for people who love to get out of the city rush, enjoy the green color and singing of the birds. Many beautiful paths lead to the Lookout Tower and to climb it, it’s going to cost you 150 Czech crones (if you have a student’s card, use it, you can save a few of them). The view is gorgeous, especially Charles Bridge looks fascinating. However, prepare for an exercise because you are going to have to conquer many stairs to reach the top. – There is also an easy option that’s going to cost you extra crones – an elevator.

John Lennon Wall ; is a wall covered with his quotes and song lyrics. The wall is near the castle and if you are on this side of the bridge, stop by it. You can read some of the quotes, enjoy the music, which was once sang by famous British boys and even write a lovely quote about peace, love or something that John Lennon said.

The last stop between Prague and home was Český Krumlov. Small, magical place, just like the one described in stories. River Vltava protects the town, on the top there is a majestic castle, from which we can see the historic center. Old streets with colorful houses and small boutiques give you the feeling that you found yourself in an old tale, where a prince has to conquer all of the traps set by the evil witch, save and kiss the princess so they can live happily ever after. Honestly, it is one of the loveliest small towns I have ever seen.


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