Frozen Lovrenc Lakes

A trip to Lovrenc Lakes (Lovrenška jezera) is a perfect choice for an active day in the nature. Due to its inaccessibility by car, is the path and the nature truly something special. On your way you will see beautiful nature, have complete silence and breathe fresh air. Between the lakes there is a wooden path that has many resting places, where you can relax and capture all the beauty they can offer. 

How to get to Lovrenc Lakes?

The easiest path is from Rogla ski resort. I have to admit that only the beginning is a bit tricky. At the beginning there is a sign that doesn’t actually clarify a lot. The closest to park is near Hotel Planja and then head out towards a ticket office. If you look down the ski slopes (that means that the ticket office is behind you) you go left. You pass the football field and see meadow spreads before you. There you will spot the sign, that says Lovrenška jezera and follow a wide path. The only thing to be attentive to are blazes that will lead you to Lovrenc lakes. On your way you will also spot 2 signs that give you direction and in the end see the lookout tower. 

I visited lakes in January and had the path and the lakes all to myself. With white trees, path covered in a snow blanket and sun shining it was a perfect day and complete paradise. However, don’t forget to wear good footwear and sports clothes. Due to snow, hidden in the shadow, everything was really icy and even with good hiking shoes you can easily trip. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to have crampons in the backpack. 

The walk is going to take you an hour and a half in one way, so don’t forget to take water and some snacks with you. I would recommend visiting lakes in spring or summer because now, in January, everything was completely frozen and I could actually walk in the lakes – which was also fun. Even though it was beautiful seeing the nature sleep, it is even more to see it slowly waking up. 


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