Boč, Miniature Triglav 

A hike to Boč is a perfect choice of activity on a sunny Sunday. No matter your shape, you can choose a path that will fit your tempo. If you need pauses, there are many natural shaped benches, on which you can rest and catch a breath – trust me, I tried them all.

You can start your hike in Zgornje Poljčane, where you will find a small parking place with an information table and marks where to go. A hike from here to outlook tower is going to take you around 2 hours. Don’t worry if you are in lack of time. Another possibility is to drive you to mountain hut (planinski dom) and from there you will only need 50 minutes. 

I decided to take a longer path because I had time and wanted to spend a bit more time around nature and have a more thorough exercise. I choose a forest learning trail with an Easter flower (velikonočnica) mark. It was hard from time to time, but overall manageable. In a mountain hut I made a stop, drank tee, enjoyed the sun and fresh air. After a quick recharge of my batteries the last climb towards out look tower awaited. The view of eastern Slovenia is really worth it. 

What I really like about hiking is the people you briefly meet. On you way you can randomly meet a person, with whom you will end up making that final climb. The mountaineers are always full of good advice, great mood and have a joke or two ready.

Safely to say, Boč is a trip suitable for everyone, from children to grandpas and grandmas. Take out you planer, set a date, pack a backpack with water and a sandwich and you are already hiking. 

Greetings from the mountains!

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