About me

I’m a small town girl,  longing after big world. Welcome to my travel journal! I wish my adventures would  encourage you to visit every corner this world of ours  has to offer.

We are all searching for escape from reality, from the fact of being stuck in a boring job and not being able to grow as a person. It seems as that time is slipping through our fingers and there’s nothing we can do.

That’s why everyone of us can make a change! That’s why I want more! They say that there is more chance in making your dreams come true if you write them down – that’s why i write a blog. Every little thing that happens in our life helps us grow. I grow with every trip I take. I come back full of energy and knowledge, but the most important thing is – I come back happy.

My goal is to show you places, to which tour-guide won’t take you. A place is not just a church or a landmark, but it is people, little villages, events and many more. However, I don’t want to forget about my home, beautiful Slovenia, so a lot of posts will be about it. You know, sometimes the best thing is right in front of you.